Prove Customer Experience Value

Prove Customer Experience Value

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How do I prove the Return on investment using the customer experience?

Identify and Analyze Metrics and ROI. Find measurement gaps, identify key account relationships to reduce churn by prioritizing key accounts, and link customer experience to value. Customer Experience helps you win more business and improve your reputation. 

CX Metric Gap Workshop

It is important to align your business metrics and customer metrics and understand the links between them, essentially demonstrating your customer initiatives' value, for example: how much your revenue increase, or by how much you reduce the cost to serve, or increase lifetime value. 

CX net promoter Score and Return on Investment (ROI)

Linking the business metrics with NPS means segmenting your customers by your customer feedback. Are your customers promoting your business with word of mouth or destroying it with negative online reviews? Are you losing opportunities of using customers to generate new sales? Questions that you can answer using customer experience practices.

Key Account Matrix

Segmenting your sales by customer feedback will show you the areas to improve and the areas to leverage to win more business from your customers and prospects.

CX link to Metrics